The average person looks at their phone 150 times per day, and 98% of text messages are opened and read.


SMS stands for short message server, or otherwise known as text messages. SMS Marketing, also known as Text Message Marketing is a marketing method that allows businesses use text message to send messages like specials, coupons, promotions, alerts, and so forth directly to their audiences’ mobile devices. These permission-based text messages are highly targeted, and are usually opted-in by mobile device users that want to receive text messages from businesses.

SMS Service - We collect and Deliver for YOU

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, our Lifecycle Marketing team provides full management services to drive success across all of our brands’ one-to-one communications channels, including SMS, email, and on-site messaging.

In the wake of iOS 15, the need for a data-backed, growth-minded SMS strategy is more critical than ever. We use a targeted approach to reach your customers where they are most often with relevant messaging to engage, convert, and retain them.

Arcata BIZ brings a full-funnel approach to SMS marketing and partners with some of the top SMS platforms for first-access to new functionality and programming. We strategically plan and test campaign sends, build out full lifecycle automations and incorporate customer service, loyalty and rewards, reviews, subscription and transactional messaging.

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We use this service to engage, entertain and monetize your following. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook.... Lets collect them all in one place and engage with them all at once. Or better than that, let's get their email and send them some texts,.

We can send them a new offer, send them a rewards program signup, sell them a product, all from text. We also offer a calendar app that will text your clients hours or days before or after your meeting to follow up.

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